Pool Rules 2019

2019 Swimming Pool Rules

2018 Pool Hours - Check on early summer hours 12 – 8p
Also, check on lifeguarding requirements/insurance for the pool with less or no lifeguarding

Open Weekends & Holidays May 26 thru AUGUST 10th (?)                           12 AM- 8:00 PM

Open weekdays 6/9th thru 8/9t    8/10 to 9/10/19               12 pm- 8:00 PM,   11am-7pm



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Pool amenities - as of 2018, WiFi is now available. Chaise lounges.  Security. ( video cams)


SAFETY FIRST - The first order of pool operation must always be to ensure physical safety and health. To that end, like every public pool in Westchester Count, Winding Ridge operates within the Rules and Regulations of the County Board of Health, which are posted and available to read at the pool (locations?). 
Video surveillance cameras have been installed to ensure pool hours are respected.

LIABILITY - By using the pool, homeowners/renters and guests are acknowledging that they:

  1. Understand and agree that the pool is only a service to residents, not a business, and the Board cannot assume responsibility for any injury or loss to persons or property.
  2. Assume the risks inherent in the use of a swimming pool and the surrounding premises.

SUPERVISION of CHILDREN - Even though a lifeguard is present, parents/guardians must actively supervise children under 16 years of age (no more than four per adult). Play-groups birthday parties are not allowed except with board approval. The pool deck is under video surveillance.

COEXISTENCE - The following guidelines are meant not to confine and constrict, but to ensure the pool remains a pleasure for everyone. Within the physical safety provided by watchful guardians and carefully monitored chemicals, Winding Ridge families get to practice the skills of swimming and coexistence.  If someone’s exuberance is going over the top, a quiet word to a parent is often all that’s required. A lap swimmer can negotiate a lane for a period of time with the kids playing Marco Polo.  And a sleeper can return to his or her deck at home for a quiet snooze

WHO MAY USE THE POOL - (As of this writing-3/19), When a lifeguard is present, the pool area is open to all residents in good standing, as well as their children (BLUE wristbands) and permitted guests (Green wristbands). A permitted guest is anyone whose legal address is outside Winding Ridge but is accompanied by an adult resident  and has a wristband.
Toddlers. Children wearing diapers are allowed in the pool, but only if they are also wearing “Swimmies” or waterproof rubber pants to protect pool hygiene.

WRISTBANDS - Wristbands (BLUE wristbands for residents, and GREEN wristbands for guests) are required for entering the pool area, whether the person is swimming or not. 

ENTRY TO THE POOL AREA - Enter the pool through the outside gate, not the cabana, and go directly to the sign-in book where the lifeguard sits. Homeowners/renters must sign in daily.  Subject to the lifeguard's discretion, the following Do’s and Don’t must be respected:            ________________________________________________________

OK in the pool area

NOT OK in the pool area

Swimming gear (goggles, flippers,
bathing suits, water sandals)

Bikes, scooters, skateboards, hover boards, or any type of riding equipment

Noodles, water wings, & other inflatables

Shorts or cutoffs

WR Pool furniture

Running, diving, or ball-playing

Personal seating taken home at day’s end


Snacks & non-alcoholic drinks in cans or plastic

Smoking and all alcoholic beverages

Radios, tapes, CD and MP3 players, etc.
with personal earphones only

Trash – If you bring food, make sure the wrapping/containers are disposed of properly in the containers provided in the pool area


- The Board provides sufficient seating for homeowners, so reserving a seat for when you come back from leaving the pool for a while is neither necessary nor permitted.  Accordingly, please take your towel and other belongings with you when you leave.  Residents may bring in additional seating provided they remove it at the end of each day.

STORAGE - There is no overnight storage permitted in the pool pump room, the restroom lockers, or anywhere else in the cabana or pool area. When you leave the pool area, take your towel, etc. with you, even if you are returning later.

CARING FOR THE CABANA - Please dry your feet before entering the cabana. Exercise equipment is adult-sized and not designed to be used by children under (HEIGHT?), people in wet clothes, and those who have bare or wet feet.

WHO’S IN CHARGE - The lifeguards have full authority to enforce these rules and may deny access or use of the facility to anyone who, in their judgment, violates these rules.

The Board of Managers reserves the right to rescind, alter, waive, or add any rule or regulation when, in its judgment it deems it necessary and appropriate.

PENALTIES­ - Violators of these rules will receive a warning letter, progressing to fines and loss of pool privileges for the remainder of the pool season. See Money Matters Quick Reference for specifics.  (link)

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