Pets in Winding Ridge

Pets add so much to our lives.  They remind us we are lovable, that play is important, that someone cares, and that we care for someone. They make us laugh and they invite us to play.  They also provide handy excuses to stop and talk to one another on the street, and research I read once said they make a significant difference in neighborhood levels of friendliness.  Take a look . . .

For these and so may other reasons, Winding Ridge is a pet-friendly environment.

That said, it is vital to the peace of the community that pet owners train and care for their pets in ways that acknowledge Winding Ridge is a community designed mainly for people, not all of whom are comfortable with certain exotic or noisy animals.  Pets common to residential communities are all welcome, provided they don't disturb the peace of your neighbors or the community.

It is the law in Greenburgh to keep dogs on a leash at all times, and to pick up after them. 

In Winding Ridge owners must keep dogs in or near the street, not on the lawns.  Dogs are not allowed in any limited common areas without the resident’s permission. For sanitary reasons, pets are prohibited from entering the pool area, cabana, tot lot, and tennis court. 

Please read these rules to your pet and assist them in following them if they have trouble remembering.

If you would like to have your pets listed on the pet directory, you have only to include them in the Resident Directory as members of your family, and they will automatically be added to the Pet Directory, hopefully with pictures to assist us in locating them if they get lost.