Parking and Traffic


Winding Ridge has a 15 mph (25 kph) speed limit. 
This limit is posted and enforced by fines and serious speed bumps
(warn your friends with low-to-the-ground cars).


Our Parking Rules aim at two main outcomes: 
  1. Maintain safe conditions by keeping the road clear for traffic.
  2. Keep visitor parking available for visitors.
Parking on the Street

Parking on Winding Ridge Road is not permitted except for handling emergencies (e.g., ambulances, fire trucks) and to facilitate active loading and unloading of vehicle contents. Please fill or empty and move any vehicle as soon as possible when unloading. 
Residents are responsible for directing their guests and service workers to visitor parking. 

Resident Vehicle Parking

The Winding Ridge community was designed to accommodate a minimum of two vehicles per unit in their own garage/driveway space. On the rare occasions when a resident's activities require more space, homeowners/residents can park in any of the visitor parking areas for up to two (2) hours a day without a permit.

Things work smoothly when a unit has more spaces than cars, but a number of units have more cars than spaces. The following rules regarding parking permits and courtesies during heavier volumes of visitor traffic have been developed to help the community accommodate all neighbors' needs.

A vehicle is an automobile, motorcycle, scooter, and/or any other vehicle with a license plate. (Vehicles with commercial license plates are prohibited.)  Commercial licenses or rolling billboards?  What is the specific concern underlying the commercial license prohibition?

Getting a Parking Permit

Parking permits are available to WR residents at the discretion of the Board of Managers under the following circumstances:
  1. A homeowner/resident with one more vehicles than his/her garage/driveway space was designed to accommodate can apply for a permit to park one vehicle in any of the parking areas in the community, except for the single parking spaces. The annual fee for this first parking permit is $350.
  2. If the homeowner/resident has two (2) more vehicles than his/her garage and driveway was designed to hold, the resident can apply for a second permit. Again, the permit entitles the owner to park that vehicle in any of the parking areas in the community, except for the single parking spaces.  The annual fee for the second parking permit is $500.
To apply for a parking permit or renewal, gather the following information (all information will be kept confidential):  ROSE, do you have a form for applying for a permit? Do they just write a note?
  • Copies of valid driver’s licenses showing Winding Ridge Road as the address for all homeowners/residents of the unit in which the permit is being requested.
  • A copy of the current vehicle registration of the vehicle(s) for which the permit is being requested. Use the parking permit only for the vehicle identified on the permit. 
BG - IS THIS SOLVING a problem? It must be a nuisance to the permitted unit owner to have to move cars around to make sure the one in the visitor space is the permitted one.  Do you get complaints?  Any way to make it easier?

Once in possession of a parking permit, please be sure to:
  • Display the permit prominently in the designated vehicle.
  • Avoid parking in a single-car visitor space at any time.
  • On weekends and major holidays, all visitor parking areas are reserved for visitors except these two parking strips, which have four or more spaces each, so park permitted vehicles here:   INSERT SMALL MAP
    1. The first lot as you drive up the hill is the 12-car parking strip on the right below the tennis and swimming pool area.
    2. The second lot sits on the circle across from unit 132 and near the emergency road that exits down off the circle.) 
Having a permit doesn't guarantee a parking space will be available, especially not one in a particular location, only that when you find one, you'll have the right to use it. 

Fines and Penalties

No set of rules can be expected to cover every situation.  But cars are big and dangerous and unanticipated parking snafus can quickly escalate into major headaches and sources of upset. 

Accordingly, the Board of Managers have set the penalties for failing to follow these rules on the high side to help win residents' attention as early as possible before a problem has a chance to escalate.
  • 1st violation - warning letter
  •  2nd violation - $50.00 fine
  •   3rd violation - $100.00 fine
  •   4th violation - $200.00 fine
  •   5th and all subsequent violations - $500.00

Miscellaneous Questions:

Q:  When does a long-term visitor lose the right to park in visitor spaces?  if so, what rules apply?  
A:  Visitors with vehicles who stay longer than one week (How about 10 Days?  It's common for longer term visitors to stay a week plus a weekend) should contact the property manager for instructions on extended parking. (Vehicles may not be stored on Winding Ridge property, not even as a favor to friends or family.)

Q:  What if I have a problem with the parking rules? 
A:  Don't delay!  Call the property manager, Rose, or her assistant, Maria, as soon as you know some kind of parking dilemma has arisen or is about to arise for you, a neighbor, or a specific situation. That way solutions can be explored before the situation turns into a headache. 

A: What other options do I have?  All residents are encouraged to reach out to friendly neighbors. They or someone they know might have plans to be away during your problem time period and be willing to let you use space in their driveway.  A thank you bottle of wine or an invitation to a driveway party can create a flow of goodwill for next time, when roles might be reversed.

To help homeowners remember to address a problem in a timely way, here is the schedules of penalties that will result from violating these Parking Rules within any 2-year period beginning January 1 of each year:

    1st violation-warning letter
    2nd violation-$50.00 fine
    3rd violation-$100.00 fine
    4th violation-$200.00 fine
    5th violation and all subsequent violations-$500.00 fine