MAPS: Winding Ridge & Vicinity

MAPS for Getting Around Winding Ridge

Thanks to Anthony Fabrizio of Greenburgh's Geographical Information System for his help with these maps

The property is divided into three categories:

  • The residential units, including their associated driveway and walkway to the front door.
  • Limited common areas (restricted to exclusive use of the closest resident)
  • Common areas, which Include:
    1. Winding Ridge Road
    2. Sidewalks and paths
    3. Visitor parking (any parking space not attached to a dwelling)
    4. Pool, tot lot, tennis court, and cabana/exercise area
    5. Areas not directly attached to a home
    6. Rock gardens.

This page incorporates a zoomable map so you can see the Winding Ridge property, how to reach the property from local/nearby streets and highways, how to find nearby stores, and how to reach Winding Ridge from trains, airports, bus stations, and major interstate highways.

For folks who'd rather have hard-copy, turn-by-turn directions, go to Tested Winding Ridge Directions, which have been refined by dozens of direction-challenged visitors over the last 18 years.