Intro to the Do's & Don'ts (D&Ds)
Building a harmonious community life is no small accomplishment for hundreds of people living in 120 closely situated townhomes. The diversity of background, lifestyle, age, nationality, language alone is enormous. In addition, residents lead active, complicated, interesting, fast-paced, demanding, busy, sometimes eccentric, sometimes opinionated, difficult, creative, full lives.

Part of what it takes to weave all these human differences into a community is a common set of agreements that all residents can expect the others to follow. Also needed, to deal with any consistent disregard of those agreements, is a simple, discrete procedure for recognizing problems and calling a divergent acter to account.

Every private residential community has such a set of agreements, which buyers sign onto as part of their purchase process. The purchase agreement usually states that buyers are responsible for knowing what’s in that list, whether they've read it or not, and that is also true here in Winding Ridge.   

The updated set of Winding Ridge agreements, formerly Rules and Regulations, has been renamed the Do’s & Don’ts (D&Ds) and is expressed in the list that follows. If you haven’t read the D&Ds—lately or ever—please read on!

The Positive Goals of the D&Ds

Reading through a list of rules and regulations can be daunting, especially when so many items start with the word, No.  It’s easy to forget that behind every single statement is the commitment of our volunteer Board of Managers to producing, maintaining, or enhancing this overarching positive purpose:

to maintain & enhance Winding Ridge Condominium as a high-quality
residential community offering safety, comfort, beauty, privacy, and
a peaceful environment conducive to a harmonious community spirit.

Accomplishing that purpose involves meeting the following goals that Board of Managers (BOM) members keep in mind when considering what they want any specific guideline to achieve:

  1. Maintain the functionality and availability of the property and its resources for residential purposes—rest, fun, refreshment, social interaction, and private/family life
  2. Optimize the safety of all those who live in or visit WR
  3. Conform to governing law
  4. Maintain and enhance the beauty of the buildings, property, and plantings
  5. Maximize the usefulness and functionality of HOA resources
  6. Keep the property free of irritating distractions (auditory, olfactory, visual)
  7. Continue strengthening the short- and long-term financial stability that has been so carefully built and maintained since Winding Ridge’s inception
  8. Optimize preparedness (e.g., for storms)
  9. Support residents in making the most of the richness and variety of resources in the vicinity of Greenburgh and White Plains
  10. Support excellent working relationships with the contractors and vendors who help us keep our home as close to new and fresh as possible
  11. Foster communication, goodwill, and cooperation among neighbors.


A Little Background

The D&Ds were inherited from Ginsburg Development Corporation (GDC), as the “Rules and Regulations,” section of their original ownership package. A lot has happened since then, and this revised version of the information recognizes that our connections with GDC have long since ended, and that the current state and character of Winding Ridge calls for a fresh tone, a more user-friendly format, and a streamlined presentation.  

Our update includes two additional sections, Standards and Policies:

  • STANDARDS.  The standards section provides information to guide residents in making purchases and/or improvements in a way that conforms to community standards for safety, appearance, and the comfort of neighbors. Sample topics covered under Standards include:
    • Front door color choices (4?)
    • Portable generator specs, such as allowable horsepower, acceptable decibel levels, and what schedule portable generators can be operated.
  • POLICIES. The policies section contains information governing the use of the WR recreational areas: pool, tennis court, tot lot, and cabana.  ANYTHING ELSE???


Sometimes expected services don’t happen as expected. When a resident has a complaint, the best way to proceed is to send an email to Hudson North management, Winding Ridge’s property management company, to the attention of Rose Pilla, our managing agent.
  • If it's urgent, then by all means call (914) 674-2100 x. 524
  • If time permits, please also use the Contact feature on this website.  We expect that to become the most efficient way to get your concerns addressed.

On occasion, a rule might not work for a resident or there’s a misunderstanding. For example, many new residents are downsizers who for decades have made decisions about everything from soup to nuts in a standalone house where they answered to no one.  Newcomers coming from that kind of situation may find the level of conformity required in a place like Winding Ridge takes some getting used to.

Penalties and damages.  (See "Money Matters Quick Reference Table")

Part of the responsibility our volunteer board members take on when they are voted into office is to ensure the agreement Winding Ridge residents make when they join is upheld for the good of the entire community.  They do their best to make the process as pain-free as possible. 

While Board members work to clarify misunderstandings and to help residents appreciate the important aims behind the D&Ds, there are limits to how much time volunteers can spend on diplomacy.  Accordingly, when a velvet glove approach fails, the Board of Managers are authorized to use measures that cause greater discomfort and and clearly convey the need for a resident to take prompt remedial action.

Fines can be used for this purpose.  The Board has discretion to levy fines of up to $1,000, which are added to the homeowners account and must be paid within ???  (Once paid, the fines are immediately added to the WR reserve fund.)

If fines do not elicit a change in behavior, legal action ensues, ANYTHING ELSE YOU WANT TO INCLUDE HERE?

Such penalties are applied only after it is clear that either the divergent parties can’t focus on the issue as a priority and need help in paying attention, or that they are willfully disregarding an issue that interferes with the comfort/safety/peace of neighbors. 

Damages - Rarely, WR will sustain damages with no one coming forward to acknowledge responsibility for inflcting the damage. If the culprit can be traced to a connection with a homeowner (perhaps it was a delivery person or a visitor, the individual homeowner(s) will be held responsible.  You mean if a Fed Ex guy runs over a mailbox, that's on me?

The smartest and easiest way to avoid fines?   
Here are the best ways to avoid fines, especially in the beginning when you're just getting to know the place and how it operates.  

   FIRST: Consult the Pre-Approvals Summary Chart here.   

   SECOND:  Ask someone who knows: A board member, a former board member  (list?) 
Rose Pilla, and if you aren't sure you're getting a clear answer  . . . 

   THIRD: Get a second opinion, and perhaps even a written question in case your efforts to get clear need to be demonstrable. 

   FOURTH:  When in doubt, assume that pre-approvals are needed (even if you never would have guessed that a particular thing could be prohibited or required when it is) and fill out a request for your project.

Feedback, Please

This website is intended to promote constructive, collaborative conversation to save you time, minimize confusion and error, and encourage creative and supportive interaction among Winding Ridge members and their guests of all ages.  We also want it to be educational and fun.  With honest and creative feedback, it won't be anywhere near as good as it could be.  Please partner with us to help this project be as useful as it can possibly be  Let us know of anything you spot that could be more: (1) clear in both content and/or expression; (2) simple; (3) constructive (4)  complete;  (5) readable; (6) responsive to opportunities presented by new technology. 

Lest you think that your feedback has to identify a problem in order to be valuable, please know we also value hearing what you like—the more specific the better—if you’re so moved.

*                *                *

Now to the specific D&Ds.  We've organized them under the following headings for your convenience.

  6. PETS