Holiday Decorations

Holiday decorations.  

Winding Ridge is fortunate to have some brilliant and exuberant holiday decorators who light up our community every year.  To protect the integrity of the buildings, there are some restrictions on the type of decorations:
  • Decorations that hang from soffits, or require poles, hooks, stanchions, nails, or screws into siding are not allowed.
  • Holiday lighting and decorations are an exception, provided their installation does not penetrate the siding.
Timing:  End-of-year holiday decorations may stay up until January 31st.  All other holiday decorations must be removed within one week after the holiday.

Flags: Flags are allowed to hang from flagpoles, but only when installed with approved hardware:
          Please call the property manager for this information. 

Bird feeders:  Bird feeders are not allowed to be placed close to homes because they attract rodents. 

Low voltage lighting to highlight stairs and walkways is acceptable, provided wires stay underground. 
However, the landscape contractor will not be responsible for any damage to that lighting.