Garbage & Recyclables

Winding Ridge has a long-standing commitment to minimizing the number of hours and days residents must stare at garbage containers waiting in vain for their contents to be whisked away by our friendly sanitation workers. To uphold this commitment (and avoid fines for failing to do so), residents are required to stay aware of the current pickup schedules and any holiday-related schedule changes.
  • Get in the habit of paying attention to the refuse pickup schedule
            especially holiday-related schedule changes             
  • When not awaiting pickup, keep refuse containers out of sight in the garage.
The 2019 pickup schedule is available on a green-and-white, hard-copy chart distributed at the end of December 2018.  Most residents post their pickup chart in the garage right above where they store the garbage container.  Additional hard copies can be obtained from the property manager, Greenburgh Town Hall or website, or printed out from the file attached at the bottom of this page. 

The normal schedule for refuse

As the green-and-white pickup calendar indicates, garbage & trash pickups occur twice during a typical 5-day week (no holidays), and commingled recyclables  and clean-paper materials are each collected once:

    Garbage/trash:                  Tuesday and Friday
    Commingled recyclable:     Wednesday
    Garbage/trash and paper:  Friday

Official pickup time is always 7am.  

The schedule for holiday-week pickups

The schedule for holiday-week pickups varies according to where in the week the holiday falls, so check the pickup calendar.  Better still, mark holiday week schedules on your phone calendar with instructions for an alert the day before.

When, where, and how to place containers for pickup

Ideally, residents don't put refuse out until dark, whatever time that is. So if your schedule allows, keep refuse containers out of sight in the garage until at least nightfall the evening before a scheduled pickup.
Better still, if you're an early bird, set your containers out before 7am the day of actual pickup. 

When putting containers out for pickup, place them at the corner of your driveway near the curb, not on sidewalks, the lawns, or in the street.  

Being right next to a forest, albeit a small one, we have animal neighbors that use our refuse as a banquet table after the sun goes down.  For that reason, all materials MUST be secured from the elements and from animals during prime scavenging hours (between nightfall and 6am). 
Refuse placed outside prior to 6am on a pickup day MUST be in a garbage can. After 6am, when human traffic begins to flow, heavy-duty plastic bags will suffice for garbage.  You can be sure, if your containers are out by 7am, that they will be empty when you bring them in again.

Residents are responsible for gathering up and repacking any garbage or recycling materials that escape their containers. For example, if your trash bags are ripped open by animals, you are responsible for collecting them so they can be  picked up easily.  Likewise, a windy night will spread newspapers all over the street if you haven't covered or weighted down the papers.

What Does & Doesn't Go into Recycling

Large and small soft plastic bags are no longer accepted for recycling, so they can no longer be used to hold recycled plastics or other recyclables.  However, they can be used to hold garbage/trash/landfill.

For containing other commingled materials, use paper, cartons, or twine.

For details on recycling other materials, please consult the Guide to Recycling v Trash, below.

Guide to recycling v trash.pdf
[Adobe PDF]
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Homeowners who leave garbage at the curb because they did not follow the holiday schedule will receive the following:

            1st violation – a warning letter

            2nd violation – a $25.00 fine

            3rd (and all subsequent violations) – a $50.00 fine



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