General Safety


WInding Ridge HOA bans or limits all of the following:

Fire. There are to be no fire pits or grills anywhere on the property (that ban includes common areas, or next to siding on decks or patios.

Hazardous Materials.  Except for ordinary household products, Winding Ridge bans all hazardous materials (inflammable, combustible, explosive, chemical substances) from the entire property, including, in particular any materials whose presence on the property would violate the law or cause a price increase or cancellation of the Condominium's insurance.

Obstructions.  There are to be no obstructions in pathways, the road, sidewalks, walkways, stairs, or any other element of the property that is used to move around the property.

Furthermore, to protect landscape personnel, lawns must be kept clear of furniture, plant hangers, trampolines, toys, unless they are in active use.

Loose gravel
. Loose gravel or stones around trees or as decorative elements in gardens is banned, as it is a frequent cause of injury, especially around heavy electrified lawn equipment.

Electrical equipment & installations (e.g., window air conditioners, ventilators, electrical generators) can be carried out only with written pre-approval from the Board of Managers. 
All radio, television or other electrical equipment of any kind or nature installed or used in each home shall fully comply with all rules, regulations, requirements or recommendations of the Board of Fire Underwriters and the public authorities having jurisdiction.  The owner alone shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by any radio, television, or other electrical equipment in that owner’s home.

Satellite Dishes
All satellite dishes must be installed on the upper part of the roof at the rear of the home where practical or where otherwise required in order to receive a signal. Wire and cable installations on the exterior of the home, must be neat and secure.

Basketball Hoops in Driveways. Unfortunately, there is no way to make driveways into safe spaces for chasing big, fast balls such as basketballs.  The tennis court has a hoop, which is available for use whenever there are no tennis players engaged in tennis.