Decks & Patios

            Beyond the written pre-approvals from the Board of Managers required for all additions to WR homes, decks and patios must also be covered by a permit obtained by the homeowner for a fee of $__________ from the Town of Greenburgh's Building Department. 

The permitting process ensures that all decks and patios will conform to the safety requirements set forth by the community site plan modification approved by the Greenburgh Town Planning Board.
Where is that site plan modification.  Can we see it???

            If the construction of either deck or patio impinges on the operating effectiveness of the lawn sprinklers and/or yard drains, the homeowner is responsible for relocating the affected drains and sprinkler heads to ensure adequate watering of remaining grass and plantings. All yard drains, if any, shall be relocated by the homeowner. Any re-grading, removal, and reinstallation of lawn for re-grading to maintain proper drainage shall be performed by homeowner.  Who actually performs the work? inspects the work? etc.

            Patios.  Patios shall be bluestone, constructed on a 3-inch gravel sub-base and 2-inch stone dust leveling base. Bluestone shall be 1-1 ½ thick random pattern “Pennsylvania” or “New York” bluestone. Minimum size of bluestone shall be 12” x 12” and maximum size shall be 36" x 36"   This sounds weird  ?????????.

The patio surface should be at least 4 inches below the closest interior floor elevation and constructed so as to preserve the effective drainage patterns of the existing grading.

Any handrails used must be approved by the Board of Managers, match existing rails, and be maintained by the homeowner?????. Pre-existing non-conforming rails must be maintained by the homeowner. Other options may be presented to the Architecture Committee for recommendation to the Board of Managers.


            Decks.  Deck details shall match those of nearby community decks in all respects, including material types, fascia, railing types, fasteners, and construction. All footings shall extend to a depth of 3 feet 6 inches below grade or to the Town of Greenburgh building codes, whichever is greater.

All sod shall be removed by the applicant or his contractor below the deck prior to construction.

If a bluestone patio is to be installed below the deck, follow specifications listed above.  Otherwise,
A 3-inch gravel base shall be installed below the deck to match builder-installed gravel.
Can a homeowner leave a lawn underneath a deck?  If not, why not?

When installing either a deck or a patio, it is important to provide an exit path for emergencies.  To do so, the homeowner must maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet of clear space between the proposed deck and the closest existing rock cut, rock wall, landscaping, or other obstruction. If maintaining that 6-foot distance requires relocation of existing landscaping elements, the pre-approval and permit applications must include drawings showing the relocation proposals and the 6-foot width they secure for the emergency exit.  That 6-foot-wide passage must be maintained in perpetuity.

Should this last paragraph go above the patio and deck detailing?  Does the 6-foot width apply to both patios and decks?