Board of Managers Authority

Board of Manager (BOM) Authority

The Board of Managers reserves the right to rescind, alter, waive, or add any rule or regulation when, in its judgment, it is necessary and appropriate to fulfill its caretaking responsibilities.  At the discretion of the Board of Managers, fines of up to $1000 may be levied to enforce these rules and regulations. 

Any consent or approval given under these rules and regulations may be granted, refused, added to, amended, or repealed, at the sole discretion of the Board, at any time by resolution of the Board.  Further, any such consent or approval may, at the discretion of the Board or the Managing Agent, be conditional in nature.                                                                                                    

Alterations made under these rules are on a case-by-case basis.  That is, no rescission, alteration, waiver, or addition of any rule or regulation granted to one resident shall constitute a rescission, alteration, waiver, or addition for any other member or occupant.

Entering a unit in an owner’s absence


There are rare occasions when, to carry out its caretaking duties in Winding Ridge, Association representatives deem it necessary to enter a unit when the owner is away or unavailable. To facilitate entry under such circumstances, residents may furnish the Board or Managing Agent with a key. 


For emergency when the owner is absent.  If the homeowner or lessee is not present to open and permit an entry to his/her home at any time when an entry therein is necessary or permissible under these rules and regulations or under the bylaws or the declaration and has not furnished a key to the Board or to the Managing Agent, then the Board or such Managing Agent or their agents (but, except in an emergency, only when specifically authorized by an officer of the board or an officer of the Managing Agent) may, under proper legal authority forcibly enter such  home without liability for damages or trespass.  During such entry, reasonable care will be given to the owner’s property.


For Pest Control. In addition to such emergencies, the agents of the Board or the Managing Agent, and any contractor or worker authorized by the Board or the Managing Agent, may enter any home at any reasonable hour of the day, on at least one day’s prior notice to the owner, for the purpose of inspecting such unit for the presence of any vermin, insects, or other pests and for the purpose of taking whatever measures are necessary to control or exterminate any such vermin, insects, or other pests.  Any such entry, inspection, and extermination shall be done in a reasonable manner so as preserve the resident’s ability to use the unit for its permitted purposes. 

In case of extended absence.  Any resident owner who leaves his home unoccupied for thirty (30) or more days must designate an agent or responsible party for purposes of emergency contact and inform the Managing Agent, of the responsible party’s contact information.